Baits for catching stripers include jigs, slabs, live baits and top water lures. This article will focus on how to catch stripers at Lake Texoma using top water.


The important thing to remember when using topwater lures is to choose a med action rod, preferably 6’6 to 7 inches. Topwater bait requires a lot of rod action and if you use a heavier rod than what is prescribed the rod action might wear you out. When it comes to the rod material, a graphite rod may be lighter than the fiberglass kind, but they are not suitable for bait fishing. So, you need to choose a rod that is versatile so you won’t have to carry a bunch of rods when you’re going on a fishing trip. The Abu Garcia Workhorse rods are very versatile because they are light and sensitive but are very durable as well. For the reel, use an Abu Garcia 5500 or 6500 C-3. A spinning reel is ideal if you don’t know how to throw a bait caster. Lastly, change your line as often as you can to improve the performance of your reels and avoid losing your catch or your expensive water baits.

GT_Poppers_-_Fishing_Lures_by_Robert_StoneTopwater Baits

On a windy day, a 6” Pencil Popper is best because it is heavy but if the wind is light a Mirror Lure Top Dog or Top Dog Jr. will do. You can also use a Storm Rattling Chug Bug either in 3 ½” or 4 ½” size. But the easiest to use among these baits is the Chug bugs. Color doesn’t really matter but a shad pattern is a good preference.


During spring time, you’ll find top water striper where Threadfin shad are spawning along the shore. Shads are blue and white Herons wading along the bank. Once you see them wading, ease up to them and throw right back at the bank. If you notice that the Heron easily spooks, there’s not much top water striper in that area; the lure and action that will work best for the fish is something that you’ll have to figure out.  They sometimes like you to stop and just let the lure sit still. Once the fish strikes your lure don’t set the hook right away, try to stop and just twitch it a little, not only will you have your catch it usually draws another one.

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