Dr. Brian Binggeli, a 55-year old Florida educator has been chosen as superintendent finalist of Plano Independent School District (PISD). He is currently the superintendent of Brevard Public Schools in Viera FL. Trustee Mike Friedman, refers to him as “Our future leader of Plano ISD.”

Binggeli will start in July 1 as the board has planned. He will be replacing Richard Matkin, the previous school superintendent who retired in January after his 40 years of service in public school. The district’s chief financial officer, Steve Fortenberry is presently serving as interim until Bingeli comes on full time.

Binggeli said that the district’s search firm approached him for the job position. He then searched for more information about Plano and said that he felt like it was right fit for him. His leadership capability and students commitment was praised by the school board of Plano.

Out of 103 to 43 applicants, the number was narrowed down to 7. They were brought in for the interviews and only 3 of them made it to the second round of interviews. Eventually, Binggeli was chosen as the new district superintendent of Plano.

“You’ll be a great addition to our whole community,” said one of the trustees, Carrolyn Moebius.

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